Pre-conference Workshops

SAVIR is pleased to offer 4 Pre-Conference workshops at the 6th National Conference. Registration rates vary based on your membership and student status, see the registration page for more information.

Pre-Conference workshops will held from 8am to 12noon on Monday, September 18.

Workshop D

Missing Data Analysis in Practice


  • Trivellore E. Raghunathan, PhD
    University of Michigan

Workshop Overview:

This course will provide an overview of a variety of methods for analyzing data with unit and item nonresponse. It will start with an introduction to the main ideas using several examples. The topics that follow will include: Definition of missing values, patterns and mechanisms, Adjustment methods through weighting; imputation methods, multiple imputations; maximum likelihood for incomplete data; and modern computationally intensive methods including data augmentation and Gibbs sampling methods.

Workshop A

Using probabilistic linkage to combine injury-related datasets:
A primer for the non-statistically minded


  • Larry Cook, MStat, PhD
    Associate Professor
    University of Utah
  • Cody Olson, MS
    University of Utah

Workshop Overview:

For this introductory course, participants should be familiar with basic concepts of collecting and storing variables in databases. Participants should also have an introductory exposure to statistics. The goal is to provide participants with a foundation for understanding and applying probabilistic linkage methodology.

Workshop B

Advocacy for Injury and Violence Research: Strategies and Tactics


  • Linda C. Degutis, DrPH, MSN
    Consultant, Public Health and Policy;
    Adjunct Professor, Rollins School of Public Health
    Emory University
  • Susan Scavo Gallagher, MPH
    Assistant Professor and Director, MS Program in Health Communications
    Tufts University
  • Christen Rexing, PhD, MPH
    Assistant Professor, Department of Health Services, Administration and Policy
    Temple University College of Public Health
  • Corinne Peek-Asa, MPH, PhD
    Associate Dean for Research
    University of Iowa College of Public Health

Workshop Overview:

This is an intermediate level course that requires some knowledge of the field of injury and violence research, a desire for research to have an impact on policy, and interest in learning advocacy approaches to influence policy. The goal is to develop a cadre of injury and violence researchers who have the skills to advocate for funding and programs that support injury and violence research, research training, and the growth of the injury and violence research field; and to build the skills of researchers and practitioners with respect to advocacy so that they can be effective in advocating for injury and violence policy.

Workshop C

Causal Inference and Directed Acyclic Graphs


  • Shabbar I Ranapurwala, PhD, MPH
    Research Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
    University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • Stephen W. Marshall, PhD, MPH
    Professor, Epidemiology
    University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • Rebecca Naumann, PhDc, MSPH
    University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Workshop Overview:

This workshop requires a basic understanding of epidemiological study designs and Bradford Hill’s criteria for causation. The goals are to simplify the concepts of causal inference including counterfactuals, exchangeability, consistency, positivity, and no-interference and demonstrate the use of directed acyclic graphs to identify confounders in epidemiologic studies of injury and violence prevention.



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