Student and Young Professionals Committee

SAVIR is committed to supporting students and young professionals pursuing careers in violence and injury research. The purpose of the SAVIR student and young professional committee is to provide an outlet for education, collaboration, and professional development for students and early career professionals (within one year of degree attainment) with a shared interest in injury and violence research through information dissemination, interactive forums, and networking opportunities.

Eligible SAVIR Members: Student and Transitional members (within one year of degree attainment)

Examples of committee actions:

  • Support and vocalize the needs of SAVIR student and early career professional members
  • Manage SAVIR Facebook page and Twitter account
  • Interface with other SAVIR committees
  • Host and assist with planning of webinars geared for students and young professionals
  • Help advertise for SAVIR at their corresponding universities or organizations


Chair: Alison Culyba,

Co-Chair: Jiabin Shen,


Career Paths can be found here.

A list of SAVIR job and internship Opportunities can be found here.

Society for the Advancement of Violence and Injury Research


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