Careers in Injury and Violence

SAVIR’s Training and Infrastructure (TIC) and Student and Young Professionals Committees are delighted to present the ‘Career Paths’ project.

Career Paths was created to gain insight about the career experiences of accomplished leaders in the field of injury and violence prevention. Members of SAVIR’s Student and Young Professionals Committee were given a unique opportunity to sit down with our field’s leaders and learn about what drew them to the field of injury and violence, and important lessons for the next generation.

Learn about the career path of Dr. Linda DegutisExecutive Director of Defense Health Horizons, and SAVIR President Elect. 

Learn about the career path of Dr. Andrea Gielen, Professor at Johns Hopkins University and former SAVIR President (2011-12). Dr. Gielen.

Learn about the career path of Shelli Stephens-Stidham, Director of the Injury Prevention Center of Greater Dallas.

Shelli Stephens-Stidham is the 2017 recipient of the Alex Kelter Vision Award. This award was introduced in 2003 as Safe States Alliance’s highest honor and recognizes an individual who has brought leadership and vision to the field of injury and violence prevention (IVP). Shelli is recognized by her peers for building the bridge between academia and practice; influencing and fostering grass root initiatives in her local community while influencing practice at the state, national, and international level and championing the need for workforce development and for programs to adopt and implement evidence-based practice. Her dedication and contribution to the field stems from a transformative combination of scientific rigor, creativity, passion and compassion; building the field humbly while inspiring a new generation of IVP leaders.

Society for the Advancement of Violence and Injury Research


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